When used within safety limits, wood burning stoves are great to have, in any home. They keep you warm and cosy during the cold, harsh, winters. With modern stylish wood stoves, you can also enhance the décor of your home.

With the right safety precautions in place, you can enjoy this amazing appliance for a long time.

Keep Combustible Materials Away

Ensure that the carpet or other combustible materials such as rugs are away from the stove – even small embers can cause fires.

Choose your flooring covers carefully. Floors made of brick or linoleum are ideally suited for the purpose.

Adjust Air Vents Appropriately

The air vents on a stove allow you to adjust the oxygen levels so that you can fire the fuel per your requirements. However, an overdose of oxygen can burn up all the fuel and overheat your stove.

It is crucial to keep the air vents at lower levels during the nights. Remember to adjust them when you are planning to take a long vacation. Leaving them at a higher level can result in fire accidents.

Use Safe Fuel and Lighting Sources

Avoid using lighter fluids to start a fire in the stove. This could result in an explosion. Avoid using charcoal too. Charcoal emits carbon-monoxide, which when inhaled steadily, can even lead to death.

Use split, well-seasoned hardwood instead of green or damp wood. This ensures better fuel efficiency. Green or damp wood, on the other hand, produces heavy smoke and odour. Creosote is another toxic by-product that’s released when you burn wood. Left uncleaned, it can pile up in the stove’s chimney resulting in fire mishaps. It can even damage your stove.

Install a Hearth

A hearth is a non-combustible platform on which the wood burning stove sits. In addition to being a safety mechanism, a hearth is also a legal requirement per the Building Regulations. The dimensions of a stove hearth should be such that it prevents fire accidents that could be caused by embers falling on nearby materials.

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Schedule Professional Safety Checks Regularly

Have a professional to check your stove and chimney at least every year. An annual inspection ensures that any issues can be identified early, preventing risks of fire mishaps. The inspector can also certify if your stove is in proper working condition.

With these safety precautions in place, you can enjoy the warmth of your stove with your loved ones without worry and fear!