Hearths are gaining popularity as key interior design elements with their visual impact adding to your home’s overall modern design and construction. They may cover the entire wall around a fireplace or may just cover a part of it, along with covering the floor space in front of it, allowing for ashes, embers or even falling pieces of wood to fall upon it rather than on to the surrounding carpet or wooden floor. This not only protects your floor against damage, but at the same time allows for safety against the potential flammable threat which arises if the aforementioned fall to the floor. Not to mention, especially during the winter time, members of your household and even visitors have a chance to huddle around the fireplace, becoming warm and toasty in the process. Adding to this, though in most cases you may not pay attention to the material of the hearth, provided it fulfills its basic purpose, as mentioned previously however in some cases it becomes a necessity to look for that ‘something extra’ as at times the simple slab hearths do away from the overall interior look of your house, with a part of your floor being covered up by the opaque slab.

Teardrop Clear Glass HearthsHere come the Glass Hearths, which have been introduced for the first time within the UK here at Wharfe Valley Hearths; ideal for wood burning stoves, these high quality glass hearths add a touch of grandeur to your home whilst allowing for the look of your floor to be maintained, due to its transparency. The premium quality 12mm toughened glass, used for Glass Hearths, is heat resistant, which further makes it the best material for choice in case of combustible flooring.

Since the Glass Hearths for stoves are non combustible in nature thereby allowing for your floor to be protected against the heat emanating from your stove along with any deposits, from the same.

Still unsure as to why you should go for Glass Hearths? Don’t worry, here at Wharfe Valley Hearths, we believe in providing the best service and advice to our customer i.e. you. Therefore, we can resolve any confusions or misgivings you may have, with respect to Glass Hearths or any of our other product ranges. Being a pioneer company within the UK to think outside the box and introduce the Glass Hearths, we further go one step ahead than all other competitors in providing constant consultations to ensure your chosen Hearth is to your liking and is in accordance with your requirements.

For further details on Glass Hearths or upon any of our available products, you can reach us through the ‘Contact Us’ option along with contacting us directly via call, 01937 574379 ( option 4 ) and / or email, hearths@wharfevalley.co.uk.