As a first timer of buying hearths, the plethora of options available when it comes to hearths may leave you confused as to which one to buy- you may be asking yourself, do I really need one? And, if I do, which one should I opt for? Though, not to worry, here at Wharfe Valley Hearths we not only aim to provide you with the best quality of products, but also aim to assist you in choosing the best option for yourself. Therefore, we will start with the basics;

What is a Hearth?

If you’re new to the market of stoves and / or more specifically new to the concept of hearths for stoves; hearths are essentially heat resistant products (materials include limestone, sandstone, slate, granite, concrete or glass) which are utilised to cover the floor around a fireplace or wood burning stove. The main aim is to protect your flooring and / or carpeting against the potential flammable material which could fall upon it and to protect your flooring and / or carpeting from the heat which emanates from these fireplaces or wood burning stoves.

Different Hearth Products on Offer

Our range of Glass Hearths are gaining popularity due to their clear cut design and the element of style which is added to the space as a result of their fine finish- you can find all information pertaining to glass hearths thorough our previous blog post, ‘Why Go For Glass Hearths’.

Semi circle Black Granite Hearth - Main

Semi circle Black Granite Hearth

Granite Hearths also form part of our wide array of hearth products which we have on offer, along with other stone options. The granite hearths allow for the convenience of an easy to clean surface, which can catch the embers and / or ashes which may fall upon it thereby protecting your flooring and carpets alike. These granite hearths are usually 20mm thick however 30mm is also available on offer as result of the bespoke services which we offer along with its delivery. These granite hearth variants include honed, flamed and polished granite hearths. Sandstone Hearths too are a part of our product range, which are available in the colours of grey, golden and beige, which can be chosen keeping in mind the design and style for which the hearth is required. They too share the attributes of the granite hearths, whereby they provide protection from ash spillages which may occur, hence protecting your flooring or carpet.

These are just some of the products / types of hearths available in terms of the material, which can once again be as per your requirement, due to our bespoke services. However, a point to be noted here is that, as with all of our hearth products, at the time of installing the wood burner, be sure to have it lifted and placed carefully in its place so as to avoid any marks which may appear on the hearth, if it is dragged across. In addition to this, it should be ensured that at the time of handling the stone, the individual who is doing so ought to have clean hands in order to avoid marking your clean cut hearth.

For further information you can contact our team members, who can equip you with the details our entire product range along with recommending which product variant may be the perfect fit for you ( call 01937 574379, option 4 and / or email,