Of all the materials available, natural stones are one of the most preferred choices for hearths. And there are several options for you to choose from. You can either go for limestone, slate, granite or sandstone. Each of these stones is perfectly suited for hearths and has their own unique look, character and benefits.

It all depends on your personal liking and the decor. Let’s take a look at what makes each of these natural stones perfect for your standalone stove.


Limestone is stunningly beautiful and astonishingly affordable. It is a highly fire-resistant stone that can absorb heat without cracking. Limestone hearths do not damage easily from falling embers or ash, making them a good choice for your stove.

Hearths made of limestone are highly resilient and do not dent easily. They are also resilient to scratches and the impact of regular exposure to heat. These hearths are very durable and can last for decades. You can safely invest in these fantastic hearths with complete confidence.

Limestone can be easily carved into any shape. Hearth plates made of limestone can be customised to fit your fireplace perfectly (maximum dimensions 1150mm x 1000mm). Limestone hearths are also very pleasing to the eye and come in both traditional and contemporary shades of cream and blue-grey.


Slate is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock that serves as an excellent material for hearths. Slate has a unique, uneven texture and riven and smooth slate is available.to order in bespoke sizes up to 1150mm x 1000mm. Irrespective of your existing decor, a slate hearth is guaranteed to increase its aesthetic appeal.

Slate hearths have excellent fire resistance and are extremely tough.


Granite is also a good choice when you want a premium hearth with all its practical benefits. Granite can withstand high heat and is perfectly compatible with gas, electricity or solid fuel stoves such as coal or wood.

For a more rustic look, choose a granite hearth with its natural matte colour with a smooth finish or opt for a polished surface for a trendier look.

Granite is also a very tough and durable stone and impervious to the effects of high heat. Once installed, your granite hearths will require almost no repair through the years.


Sandstone is a non-combustible natural stone that is a top choice for hearths. It is a thick and dense stone with a great capacity for thermal absorption and retention. It is not easily damaged by flying sparks or glowing embers.

Sandstone hearths are vailable in muted beige or grey.