Glass Floor Plate by Wharfe Valley Hearths

Wood burning stoves are highly efficient. They radiate warmth equally in all directions, keeping you warm throughout the cold season. Modern trendy stoves can enhance the beauty of a space too.

Wood stoves are highly eco-friendly – they do not add to the existing carbon footprint – which makes them an appropriate solution in today’s times.

Whether you already own a wood burning stove or are planning to buy one, maintaining your stove properly is important to preserve its efficiency. Here are some tips to help keep your stove in top form.

Choose Your Fuel Well

Choose only hardwoods such as maple, oak and ash wood. These woods are dense and heavy and, therefore, burn more and generate more heat than softwood varieties like pine and cedar.

Substandard fuel may come at cheaper prices, but they contain impurities, especially damp wood, which impacts how the fuel burns and ultimately affects the heat radiation. Damp wood also results in more soot, leaving a blackened stove glass for you to clean.

Buy well-seasoned wood – wood that has been cut and dried in a closed environment for at least 6 to 12 months. Check the moisture level of the wood using a moisture meter – the ideal moisture level is below 20%.

Clean the Stove and Hearth

Keep the insides of the stove clean. Give the stove roof a wipe too. Remember to clean the ashes off the hearth plate using a vacuum. Use a small wire brush for areas that are too narrow to reach otherwise.

Keep Your Chimney Clean

Cleaning your chimney is important for safety and to have your stove working efficiently when needed. Have a certified professional handle your chimney cleaning. Be sure to have it cleaned professionally at least once a year.

Clean Stove Glass Regularly

Get rid of unsightly dirt and soot on the glass with regular cleaning. For best results, use a paper towel, crumpled paper or damp cloth, dipped in ash to clean the glass. Use specialised wood stove glass cleaner for stubborn stains.

Use a Fireproof Hearth

Using a fireproof hearth is part of the safety regulations. A hearth protects the area in the immediate vicinity of the wood stove. It should be made of non-combustible material. We suggest using one of our glass floor plates.