When we think of hearths for stoves, commonly the options of slate, granite, limestone or sandstone come to mind, though these traditional hearths for stoves are at times the more expensive option and in some cases may not fit well with the modern interior of your contemporary home. The new trend amongst people whilst seeking out hearths for stoves, are the glass hearths, ideal for wood burning stoves, which are proving to be the more stylish option for some individuals. However, having said that, there are certain things you may not be aware of with respect to glass hearts, which are mentioned, as follows.

Types of Finishing

Tinted Black Standard Glass Hearth

Tinted Black Standard Glass Hearth

Contrary to popular belief apart from the usual clear glass hearth which is available with us here at Wharfe Valley Hearths, we also provide smoked (tinted) or black finishing to the glass hearth. The tinted / smoked glass hearth still provides a slight view of the floor underneath however it adds more so to the modern finish of the hearth, complimenting the contemporary set up in your home. Whilst the black finishing is not the only colour which is provided by us rather we provide painting services, if you require a particular colour, in order to suit your individual needs and requirements (in order to process this we will need your RAL colour code and you can speak to one of our helpful team members, who will guide you accordingly).

Variety of Glass Hearths

Glass hearths are available in an array of shapes and designs starting from the traditional, standard rectangular glass hearth and on to even circular and inset hearths, which can be respectively utilised as per your individual requirement. In addition to this, the Teardrop Glass Hearth is another popular design, whereby the hearth features a curved front and is the perfect fit for corners, adding to the aesthetic appeal of your individual space. You can also have glass hearths with clipped corners to provide your space with a unique look, with the hearth for your stove becoming the focal point. Not to mention, if you require a particular sized glass hearth, you can opt for our bespoke service for clear and coloured option, with size options extending to a maximum of 1000mm x 1150mm.

The Slightly Less Expensive Option

This may not be known to many of you, but here at Wharfe Valley Hearths, apart from the circular glass hearth, our prices for glass hearths do not exceed three hundred pounds unlike its counterparts. One of the limestone hearth’s extends to three hundred and ten pounds, while one of the sandstone hearth’s extends to three hundred and thirty five pounds; whereas the glass hearth (once again, with the exception of the circular glass hearth) does not extend beyond a particular range. However, that is not to say that the counterparts of glass hearths ought to be ruled out, though if you are in search of a slightly less expensive option, then the glass hearth is the one to go for.

For further information and / or assistance, you can contact us through call 01937 574379 ( option 4 ) and / or email, hearths@wharfevalley.co.uk; and talk to any of our team members for guidance on how to choose the best hearth for your stove.