In case you are new to the entire hearth business, let us just tell you one thing- the purpose of a hearth is simple enough, it’s a slab of glass, granite, limestone and such which is utilised to protect your flooring and carpet against the heat from the fireplace / wood burning stove.

The Blue Limestone Hearth Range in simpler terms is an iconic product range, not only due to its core multi-faceted stone but also due to the overall look which it provides to your living space. The Blue Limestone Hearth has known to become the centerpiece of certain living spaces with contemporary and modern design at the helm of the home design. This natural stone product, complete with its natural markings is indeed a beauty of nature, which not only allows for your floor / carpet to be protected against the ember and ashes which may fall down but also provides a sight to see, with the wood burning stove adorned upon it, in all its glory.

Indeed the contrast of the fire from the wood burning stove and the classic blue tint of the hearth, further adds to the overall beauty of your living space. Especially during the time of festivities when your living space is likely to be adorned by decorations, the Limestone Hearth uplifts the grandeur of your home by providing a contrast through its colour and clear cut finishing.

Semi Circle Blue Stone Hearth

Semi Circle Blue Stone Hearth

In addition to this, though the weight of the stone along with that of the stove ought to hold the hearth place, negating the usage of any sealants / fixing material, however it may be required in some places. Though once again, these sealants may cause the colour of the stone to change overtime or may mark the stone, therefore be sure to consult with professionals prior to having sealants / fixing materials applied to blue limestone.

Further to this, we provide this product variant in a number of designs including the small semi circle, the teardrop, the inset curve and such.

In case you require any assistance, with respect to choosing as well as queries regarding your Limestone Hearth or any of our other product variants you can contact us via call 01937 574379 (option 4) and / or email, dedicated team members ready to provide you with assistance, for the same.