This may not seem like a difficult question as you know what you want, right?

Standard Size Hearths

Wharfe Valley Hearths stock a multitude of glass hearths, granite hearths (with 3 options), sandstone hearths (a further 2 options), limestone and concrete hearths.

These products are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, designed to meet the requirements of a vast range of stoves, to meet current regulations (please check with your manufacturers instructions or stove installer if you are unsure).

You may not know this, but you don’t always have to have a bespoke size to have a bespoke colour to suit your taste and decor! We offer glass in the colour of your choosing from the RAL colour chart, in a range of mid-dark colours to give you the unique look you desire. Paler colours, including white require a bespoke low iron glass or they may appear to have a green tinge.

Bespoke Hearths

This option gives you the opportunity to have a hearth that suits you perfectly, with dimensions and materials that complement your stove and home.

The hearth material is cut to your own dimensions. You may require this service if you have an awkward space to fill, or one of our standard hearths doesn’t quite meet the needs of your stove. Alternatively, you may simply fancy something a little different!

In addition to our stocked materials (glass, granite and limestone) we offer a bespoke cutting service for slate and other coloured stones for which quotations are available for sizes up to 1150mm x 1000mm. Further information can be found here


All hearths require a degree of maintenance, whether it be polishing the glass to maintain its shine or sweeping debris from the hearth to ensure dirt particles aren’t left behind, to reduce the chance of scratching.

You may want to seal your stone hearth, to improve its life expectancy and assist in avoiding staining. Products are readily available in most DIY stores or your installer may offer this service.


Whichever hearth you choose, be sure that Wharfe Valley Hearths will offer you the best service and product for your stove.