Large Semi-Circle Polished Granite Hearth is from the Granite Hearth Range.

The Semi-Circle Polished Black Granite Hearth/Floor Plate is versatile to suit all stove designs. The larger size lends itself to larger stoves whilst the smooth curve across the front softens the impact of its size.

We offer the Semi-Circle Polished Black Granite Hearth in 3 different sizes and we can also provide this product in any bespoke measurement if you require.

Small: 840mm x 840mm

Medium: 850mm x 1000mm

Large: 1000mm x 1200mm

We have other Polished Granite Hearth shapes and sizes available so please see other listings

Our granite hearths are 20mm thick however 30mm  is available to order as part of our bespoke service (up to 1150mm x 1000mm) for pallet delivery.

This is a natural stone product and can have natural markings/blemishes within the stone.

We supply this product unsealed, leaving the choice to you, when you receive it.

The weight of the stone, together with the stove, should hold the hearth place so it is unlikely to require fixing. It should be noted that any sealant/fixing materials may cause the stone to change colour/mark, over time.

When handling the stone, you should hands are clean, to reduce the chance of marking the stone.

When siting your Woodburner, please ensure it is lifted carefully in to place and not dragged across the hearth. This will mark your hearth.

If this is not what you were looking for then please see our other granite hearths available to order.