Inset Stove Glass Hearth is from the Glass Hearth Range. When you have a wood burning stove that’s been fitted on the wall, the inset stove glass hearth is an ideal choice. Install it against the wall just beneath the inset stove, and you are all set. The glass plate will protect your combustible floor from the heat while also catching the deposits from the stove.

If your wood burning stove produces lower than 100°C heat, you simply need a 12mm thick glass hearth to meet regulations. The inset stove glass hearth is manufactured from 12mm thick toughened glass and features polished edges.

The slim and sleek design is ideal because it does not take up much space while offering all the benefits expected of a glass hearth. The inset stove glass hearth measures 1000mm x 300mm x 12mm and is available in clear glass, black and smoked (black tinted) options. The clear option protects your floor while ensuring your elegant floor is still visible.

If you are looking for a custom size, we are happy to offer a bespoke service up to a maximum size of 1000mm x 1100mm in clear and painted options. Please allow a lead time of up to 3 weeks for bespoke orders.