Protecting Your Floor Using Hearth PlatesPlanning to install a freestanding stove in your home? You must install a hearth (also known as a floor plate) under the stove. If your woodburning stove doesn’t heat the floor more than 100°C, the regulations are pretty straightforward.

The Hearth Regulations for Standalone Stoves

If your standalone stove does not heat the floor beyond 100°C, the hearth regulations in the UK require that the floor hearth must be at least 12mm thick and cover a minimum area of 840 x 840mm. Moreover, there must be a minimum space of 225mm at the front of the stove door. If the stove burns with its doors open, the minimum gap should be at least 300mm.

The Benefits of Installing a Floor Hearth

A floor hearth helps ensure that any stray sparks or embers from the stove don’t end up setting your floor on fire. The floor plate must be made of non-combustible material such as glass, granite, stone, concrete or any other non-combustible material.

The floor plate must sit flat on the surrounding flooring. After all, you don’t want to remove a fire hazard at the cost of creating a tripping hazard.

A floor hearth not only protects your combustible floor from the heat and the fire debris, it also adds a touch of style to your space. So choose a floor plate that perfectly matches your interiors in style and elegance.

Tips to Protect Your Space from Fire Hazards

If the walls of the room are combustible, consider installing a shield to help reduce the clearance area of the stove. Similar to the hearth plate, the shield must also be made of non-combustible material such as sheet metal.

You must understand that the risk of fire does not end by placing a hearth plate. Fire safety is not just about the construction materials around the stove. It’s also about what you are storing in your room. Do not store wood or kindling within the clearance area. Place blankets, curtains, rugs, cleaning rags and other combustible fabric away from the stove. Moreover, avoid placing chemical cleaners near the hearth.

You must also remember that if you overfire the stove constantly, you are still exposed to fire hazards. Excessive heat can melt metal. So avoid building larger fires than you actually need.

Buy High Quality Floor Hearths

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