Need Help Choosing The Right Hearth for Your Stove

The primary factor to consider when buying a hearth is the kind of material it is made of. Stove hearths are made of highly fire-resistant materials as they need to catch flying embers, ash and sparks, and prevent them from causing any fire accident.

Hearth plates are available in wide variety of attractive and durable materials. Let’s take a look at some wonderful options.

Sandstone Hearths

Sandstone is one of the earliest known materials to be used for stove hearths. Sandstone is non-combustible and it’s natural density makes sandstone more fire resistant as flames find it difficult to wade through it.

These sandstone hearths boast a timeless appeal. They are highly tough and durable and easy to clean and maintain too. These hearths retain their colour for a long time.

Limestone Hearths

If you are looking for an inexpensive hearth plate, limestone hearths fit the bill. Limestone hearths are highly resistant to daily wear and tear. These hearths are a great option if you are looking for lighter shades.

Concrete Hearths

Concrete hearths are timeless in their appeal and go with any kind of décor. Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary look, concrete hearths can deliver the desired effect.

Given its natural composition, concrete is a highly non-combustible material. Moreover, concrete spreads heat slowly, which serves as an extreme protection against fires.

Granite Hearths

Granite is a popular material used for its unmatched beauty, durability and versatility. Granite hearths are great for gas, electric as well as stoves with solid fuel. These hearths are less expensive than soapstone and marble and are available in different patterns and colours.

Slate Hearths

If you are looking for darker shades, get a slate hearth. These hearths are extremely durable, usually lasting for years. But, slate hearths need to be used only with electric and gas stoves, and not with solid-fuel stoves, for they crack under the pressure.

Glass Hearths

If you want to show off your floor without covering it with a hearth, glass hearths are the ultimate choice. They are timeless in looks, and extremely tough and durable.

Hearth Size

The hearth size is also an important consideration. The Building Regulations Act specifies the dimensions needed for the hearth so that it protects occupants from fire hazards.

If you are thinking of hearths, think of Wharfe Valley Hearths. We have a range of hearths in slate, granite, sandstone, limestone, granite, concrete and glass, in different shades and shapes. Whether you want to position your stove in a corner or edge, we have a shape to suit your priorities. We also cut hearths to your specifications.

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