If your stove is freestanding in a room and therefore NOT going into a recess under a chimney, AND the stove is independently certified not to heat the hearth underneath it to more than 100 degrees centigrade (many stoves available), then hearth regulations are very simple as no constructional hearth is required: allowing a minimum 12mm thick non-combustible superimposed hearth straight onto the floor (even onto carpet/wood floor etc.).


In this case the hearth must be a minimum size: 840mm x 840mm. There must also be a minimum 150mm of hearth at each side and rear of the stove and a minimum 225mm in front of the stove door (best practice is 300mm and if the stove is designed to burn with doors open then 300mm is a MUST).


  • All of our glass hearths are made using 12mm toughened float glass and this will affect lighter paint colours (white will appear a light green), darker colours will only be made darker or not affected at all. If you require a pale coloured hearth, please complete the online contact form or call/email for a quotation
  • Coloured hearths should be sited with the painted (matt) side to the floor, leaving the shiny unpainted side for your stove to sit on
  • The surface beneath the hearth must be completely level, free from debris, chemically neutral and free from active chemicals such as acid or similar, which may damage coloured/painted hearths
  • We do not advise siting painted glass hearths where there is underfloor heating beneath
  • Installation of granite, stone and slate hearths; please take care when installing natural products as they are porous and adhesive products will likely show through the product once laid upon your flooring.
  • It is recommended you wear gloves or have clean hands when installing natural products including honed granite and stone, as finger prints can mark easily.
  • Lift stoves into place; do not drag across the hearth which will cause scratching
  • All granite/slate/stone products are natural materials. This means they are not uniform and it is likely they will have natural blemishes/deposits within the granite/slate/stone and possibly some fossilization. These are considered to be unique to each individual hearth.
  • Concrete hearths have natural chipping due to the nature of the product
  • Please don’t attempt to cut glass hearths after purchase. These are made from toughened glass and cannot be altered.