Stone, Granite & Glass Hearths for Stoves

Stone, Granite & Glass Hearths for Stoves

Stone, Granite & Glass Hearths for Stoves

Slate hearths are hugely popular for their classic look. Slate is a natural stone, which means that every floor plate has unique natural characteristics and variations in colour. Whilst providing samples that are representative of the material, the supplied product may vary from that shown.

Natural slate materials will differ in thickness from piece to piece and sometimes within an individual hearth; some with a natural undulating appearance, particularly with the riven slate.

Available in a smooth finish as standard, our slate hearths make for a wonderful base for your freestanding stove. It should be noted that chisel marks and chipped edges are characteristics of natural flooring and surface flaking can be removed with a stiff brush. Any contact with moisture can give the surface a brown-rustic type appearance, which is simply the natural content within the slate.

Our slate hearths are available to order in bespoke sizes up to a maximum dimension of 1150mm x 1000mm x 20mm, in both smooth and riven options. Please complete the Bespoke Quote request form.

If you have a freestanding stove that heats up to no more than 100°C, the building regulations require that you place a hearth plate that’s at least 12mm thick. With a thickness of 20mm, our slate hearths not only meet regulations, they keep your combustible floor out of danger.

The Beauty of Slate Floor Plates

Slate is a hard wearing material that will mesmerise you with its stunning looks. Whether you choose a riven finish or a smooth finish, they are sure to complement the decor of any room. Each hearth is unique in terms of colour and texture, which means that every slate hearth we produce is unique.

We source our materials ourselves and put them through an extensive quality control process to bring to you the best quality slate hearths.

High Quality Workmanship

All our slate hearths are handcrafted at our facility in a wide variety of shapes. Whether you are looking for a teardrop slate hearth or a semi-circle hearth, we’ve got you covered. The edges of the hearth plates are diamond cut to achieve a smooth profile.

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