Stone, Granite & Glass Hearths for Stoves

Stone, Granite & Glass Hearths for Stoves

Stone, Granite & Glass Hearths for Stoves

The Stunning Elegance of Sandstone Hearths

Sandstone is essentially a rock and features natural jags and crags. Although these are leveled out during the “gauging process”, you can still see the small grains and patterns in the surface. This gives sandstone a unique, natural texture.

Our sandstone hearths are 30mm thick, we also offer 50mm thick hearths as part of our bespoke service. We can cut our sandstone hearths to a custom size (up to 1150mm x 1000mm).

These floor plates are available in three stunning colours – grey, beige and golden. These are offered in a variety of shapes including semi-circle, circle, square, rectangle, truncated, quadrant and teardrop. We also offer sandstone floor plates suitable for inset stoves.

High Quality Sandstone Hearths

If your freestanding stove projects less than 100°C heat, you need a 12mm thick plate beneath the stove to protect your combustible floor. However, these sandstone hearths are 30mm thick and provide extra protection.

Our craftsmen have years of experience in handcrafting sandstone hearths. With our onsite manufacturing facility, we can produce hearths in standard as well as bespoke sizes. Talk to us today for customisation.

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