Limestone Hearths

Whether you use a multi-fuel stove, gas stove, electric stove or a wood burning stove, our hearths are perfect for all kinds of standalone stoves.

The Ephemeral Beauty of Limestone Hearths

The stone is available in blue limestone and we will dispatch your hearth quickly

Limestone is a hard wearing stone and features a granular texture. Limestone stove floorpads are hugely popular for the modern touch and elegance they can add to a standalone stove. Limestone brings together stunning looks and variations to give you a hearth plate that perfectly blends with your décor. What’s more, given their light shade, it’s hard to detect any scratches that may occur over time. Building regulations mandate that standalone stoves projecting less than 100°C heat need a demarcated layer that’s at least 12mm thick. Use our hearths to protect your combustible floor. We assure you of high quality craftsmanship. Each limestone stove hearth is handcrafted by our craftsmen who have years of experience in the trade. We source our materials ourselves and our rigorous quality check process ensures you are investing in a high quality product.

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