Granite Hearths

Polished, Honed or Flamed Granite Options

Honed granite has a silky finish and is popular for its unique effect. Polished granite hearths are a universally appealing option for its supreme lustre and polished finish. A flamed finish is the result of firing the stone at an intense flame, which causes the surface to burst, and as a result, it becomes rough.

Granite offers a combination of good looks and ultimate durability. It is extremely strong and highly resistant to scratches making it ideal for log burning hearths.

Superior Quality

We offer hearths in many shape including rectangle, semi-circle, teardrop, quadrant, truncated and square. Each one is 20mm thick, but we also offer 30mm thick in bespoke sizes (honed and polished granite). As part of our bespoke cutting service, we can customise the size of your hearth (up to 1100mm x 1000mm).
All granite hearths are delivered on a pallet; please check terms when ordering and delivery costs will be calculated during checkout.

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