Hearth Regulations for Standalone Wood Burning StovesA hearth aims to protect the property from your stove. The rules are pretty strict if you are inserting your stove inside a fireplace recess. However, if the stove is a standalone one that will be placed outside the recess, the regulations are not that strict.

So let’s take a look at the hearth regulations that apply for a freestanding stove that’s not being inserted into a fireplace recess.

The Hearth Regulations for Freestanding Stoves

If your freestanding hearth is certified to not heat the hearth beneath it to any more than 100°C, the hearth regulations are easy and simple.

Hearth Thickness

The hearth must be at least 12mm thick and should be constructed of non-combustible materials to offer complete protection to the floor. You can choose from a wide range of materials including glass, slate, granite, concrete and stone.


The hearth plate should offer free space on all three sides of the stove. The boundary of the hearth must be visually obvious so as to warn the occupants and to ensure the floor does not come in direct contact with the stove.

The hearth should measure at least 840 x 840mm and must have a space of at least 225mm at the front of the stove door. However, if the stove is designed in a way that it burns with doors open, there should be a minimum space of at least 300mm at the front.

To be on the safer side, opt for a floor hearth plate that leaves 300mm of space from the stove door.

Those are the two simple regulations that your floor plate must comply with. However, if you are inserting your stove into the fireplace recess, then the rules are quite complicated and very strict.

Hearth Plates for Standalone Stoves

If you are installing a freestanding woodburning stove, then you don’t have to worry too much as there aren’t many rules to comply with as we saw above. Simply ensure that they meet with the minimum thickness and dimension requirements and you are all set.

Whether you are looking to buy a glass hearth plate or a hearth plate made of limestone, sandstone, concrete, Wharfe Valley Hearths has a wide range of hearths to offer that comply with the regulations for hearths meant for standalone stoves.

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