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2020! New Decade, New Year, New Hearth

Posted on the 10th January 2020
2020! New Decade, New Year, New Hearth

Let 2020 be the year you choose your new hearth. Here we have put together an overview to help you make the correct choice of hearth for your home. Let’s break it down a little…. 

Glass Hearths

Glass continues to be a very popular option; it is both sleek and modern in design whilst exceptionally straightforward to keep clean. A simple sweep of ash spills and a quick glass polish affords your beautiful flooring a fantastic opportunity to retain its charm and a seamless view; no interruptions other than your roaring stove and stunning wood or tiles. Glass hearths are suitable for all stoves, be it a wood, multi-fuel or gas operated system. We have many shapes and sizes held in stock.

Stone Hearths

A natural stone hearth will be a beautiful addition to your home, giving years of satisfaction when snuggled up in front of your warming fire! 

Concrete Hearths

Concrete offers a natural, minimalist urban vibe; with its chunky design, your stove will stand out from the crowd, elevating it to a new level in contemporary design! It is hard wearing and great for creating a focal point in your home, be it a living room or kitchen area. 

Concrete hearths are made to order, so you know it has been made especially for you! Being made of multiple stone particles, your concrete hearth can be left as natural as it comes or polished to remove any little holes that naturally occur in the production process, naturally matte grey or polished for a slightly glossy finish. Either way, no two are identical!

Granite Hearths

Granite hearths, whether polished or honed (matte) are immensely popular for all stoves. Granite is suited to all homes, being sturdy and sleek at the same time. Their versatility means they are suited to traditional and modern themes, depending upon your own home and décor preferences. 

A shiny polished granite can give a glamorous finish with its smooth shiny surface, whilst a matte finish affords an understated feel, both strong and durable for long term use.

Sandstone Hearths

Sandstone and Limestone hearths are another superb option, paler in colour than granite, their muted shades sliding effortlessly into your home with little fuss but nevertheless stunning appeal, setting your stove off to its perfect advantage. These are a little thicker than granite, ensuring the stone retains its natural looking status; strong but subtle and perfect for your home.

Bespoke Hearths

Bespoke hearths, made to order to suit your individual stove requirements offer an alternative when something else doesn’t quite fit the bill. All we need is a sketch detailing the measurements, material and thickness required, and we will do the rest. Sizes are restricted for delivery to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. If you have a particular colour scheme in mind and want to match your hearth to it or blend perfectly, we can create beautiful coloured glass hearths in most shades of the rainbow! Just provide the RAL colour code. Allow plenty of time for custom hearths as they are made just for you and are simply a one-off!

You may notice a theme running through our hearth offering; they are designed to keep things simple! You just choose one that suits your needs the best and we will do the rest, there is sure to be one you will love!

We offer our selection of hearths to make your life easier, for catching ash spills and protecting your expensive flooring, whilst offering fast delivery to help your installation run to plan. Don’t delay; order today!

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Should You Choose A Standard Hearth or Bespoke Hearth?

Posted on the 2nd July 2019
Bespoke Hearths or Standard Hearts

This may not seem like a difficult question as you know what you want, right?

Standard Size Hearths

Wharfe Valley Hearths stock a multitude of glass hearths, granite hearths (with 3 options), sandstone hearths (a further 2 options), limestone and concrete hearths.

These products are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, designed to meet the requirements of a vast range of stoves, to meet current regulations (please check with your manufacturers instructions or stove installer if you are unsure).

You may not know this, but you don’t always have to have a bespoke size to have a bespoke colour to suit your taste and decor! We offer glass in the colour of your choosing from the RAL colour chart, in a range of mid-dark colours to give you the unique look you desire. Paler colours, including white require a bespoke low iron glass or they may appear to have a green tinge.

Bespoke Hearths

This option gives you the opportunity to have a hearth that suits you perfectly, with dimensions and materials that complement your stove and home.

The hearth material is cut to your own dimensions. You may require this service if you have an awkward space to fill, or one of our standard hearths doesn’t quite meet the needs of your stove. Alternatively, you may simply fancy something a little different!

In addition to our stocked materials (glass, granite and limestone) we offer a bespoke cutting service for slate and other coloured stones for which quotations are available for sizes up to 1150mm x 1000mm. Further information can be found here


All hearths require a degree of maintenance, whether it be polishing the glass to maintain its shine or sweeping debris from the hearth to ensure dirt particles aren’t left behind, to reduce the chance of scratching.

You may want to seal your stone hearth, to improve its life expectancy and assist in avoiding staining. Products are readily available in most DIY stores or your installer may offer this service.


Whichever hearth you choose, be sure that Wharfe Valley Hearths will offer you the best service and product for your stove.

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A Perfect Time for a New Hearth and New Stove?

Posted on the 1st May 2019

A Perfect Time for a New Hearth and New StoveSo, summer is almost here, we are all thinking of warmer days ahead and winter is so far away ….

This makes it the perfect time to be thinking about installing a new stove and hearth from Wharfe Valley…. Why?

Choice of Hearths

Choosing to install your stove and hearth during the summer months often means you have greater choice of dates as traditionally, we begin thinking about a new fire when our homes become chillier with the onset of Autumn and installers are much busier then. It can be frustrating when you need your new stove yesterday!


Allow plenty of time to choose your hearth! It should be one of the first things on your list after picking the perfect stove for your home. The two need each other and your hearth needs to be with you prior to your installation date to avoid any delay.

Wharfe Valley Hearths offer so much choice of hearths for stoves, you may need to have a good look, ensuring the hearth meets your stove requirements and then, book your installer!


Drier weather means that doors and windows can be opened, maintaining good ventilation during the stove and hearth installation whilst reducing the amount of dust and mess in your home and less dirt being brought inside.

Perhaps most importantly, your new fire will be ready to use as soon as the days become cooler; you will be warm and cosy whilst those who haven’t been so forward-thinking will look on with envy!

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Slate Hearths Vs Granite Hearths – Which Should You Buy?

Posted on the 27th February 2019
Slate Hearths Vs Granite Hearths Which Should You Buy

Standalone stoves not only keep your interiors warm and cosy but can add a touch of old-world charm and elegance too. With spectacular designs in both traditional and contemporary styles, they definitely increase the value of your property.

To get the most out of your lovely stove, be sure to invest in the most suitable hearth. There are many options, with slate and granite being two of the most popular choices. Let’s compare the two to help you choose the one that best suits your taste and requirements.

Resistance to Heat

Both slate and granite are strong enough to absorb the extreme heat that a stove produces although granite is more resistant to this. They don’t crack easily and are not readily affected by glowing embers or flying ash. Granite hearths are more resistant and can withstand the intense heat of a crackling wood or coal fire.


Both slate and granite are strong and durable stones.

Slate is a metamorphic rock derived from a shale-like sedimentary rock, which makes it softer than granite.

Granite, on the other hand, is an igneous rock derived from the solidification of magma below the earth’s surface.which gives it unbelievable strength and durability. It is an extremely hard and tough stone with high density and compressive strength. Granite hearths are significantly less impervious to scratches, scuffs, chipping or cracking.

Resistance to Staining

Slate is a virtually non-porous stone. This means your slate hearth is almost stain-proof and retains its beauty for decades. With slate hearths, you won’t have to seal or reseal the surface to protect it from staining. All hearths are sold unsealed.

Granite, on the other hand, whilst relatively non-porous, absorbs stains and spills more easily.. You may wish to treat your granite hearths with a sealant during installation so as to protect the surface from staining.


Maintenance is often a big factor when choosing a hearth for your fireplace. Both slate and granite require a little maintenance.. As slate can scratch easily, it is advisable to clean your slate hearth every day. This is to ensure there is no debris or dirt particles left that can scratch the surface.

Granite stains more easily, however, when treated with a sealant, that problem is solved to a great extent. Just mop off any accidental spills immediately before it soaks through.

Aesthetic Appeal

Both granite (smooth matte or polished finishes) and slate (smooth or riven finishes), offer something for everyone and offer a natural but impressive choice for your stove to sit on.

Being an igneous rock, granite is composed of different minerals like feldspar, mica and quartz; lending their own unique colour and texture.

Slate is a metamorphic rock formed from high-pressure solidification of shale or mud deposits.

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What Size Hearth Should You Buy?

Posted on the 31st January 2019
What Size Hearth Should You Buy

A standalone stove is an excellent way to bring some warmth and style to your interiors this winter. They are ideal for small apartments that don’t have enough space for large, open fireplaces. While merging in perfectly with your limited space, standalone stoves are high on performance and generate enough heat to keep your interiors warm during the chilly winter months.

Getting the Hearth Right for Your Standalone Stove

Standalone stoves are extremely versatile. They can be placed at any convenient place, whether right in the middle of the wall or in a cosy corner. And with designs ranging from traditional to contemporary, your standalone stove can become a stunning focal point of your room.

However, when you want to enjoy the best from your standalone stove, the right hearth plate is absolutely essential.

Why Use a Hearth Plate?

The prime reason for placing a hearth plate beneath your standalone stove is to protect your combustible floor from the extreme heat. With regular use, your lovely floor can suffer damage from the heat produced by your stove.

A hearth plate acts as a barrier between the floor and the base of the stove. Made of non-combustible materials, the hearth does not allow heat to permeate and damage the floor beneath.

Secondly, a hearth plate collects any flying ashes or glowing embers that may fall on your floor and cause a fire. With a hearth plate installed, you are sure to maximise safety from potential fire hazards.

Thirdly, the floor plate acts as a demarcation area so you don’t place combustible items like rugs or carpets too near the stove.

And lastly, hearths are available in different materials that blend perfectly with your existing decor. All our stove hearths are made from premium grade limestone, slate, granite, sandstone, concrete or glass. With different styles ranging from square to semicircular to teardrop, our products are sure to add a touch of style and elegance to your interiors.

Hearth Plate Dimensions for Your Standalone Stove

It is important to conform to the UK’s hearth regulations

If your standalone stove is certified by the manufacturer to produce heat that’s no more than 1000C, the regulations are quite simple.

In such cases, the hearth should be wide enough all around to catch any hot flying debris or glowing embers that might affect your floor. It should adequately cover all three sides of the stove for complete safety and protection against potential fire hazards.

The hearth plate must measure at least 840mm x 840mm.

It should have a minimum space of 225mm in the front so as to catch any flying debris from the stove. For maximum security though, it is best to install a hearth plate that extends at least 300mm in front of the stove doors. Always check the measurements required with your stove installer.

The hearth plate should also be at least 12mm in thickness. At Wharfe Valley Hearths, all our hearths comply with the hearth regulations. Feel free to explore our exhaustive range of hearths to take your pick.

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What Type of Stone is Ideal for a Stove Hearth?

Posted on the 3rd January 2019
Types of Stone Ideal for a Stove Hearth

Of all the materials available, natural stones are one of the most preferred choices for hearths. And there are several options for you to choose from. You can either go for limestone, slate, granite or sandstone. Each of these stones is perfectly suited for hearths and has their own unique look, character and benefits.

It all depends on your personal liking and the decor. Let’s take a look at what makes each of these natural stones perfect for your standalone stove.


Limestone is stunningly beautiful and astonishingly affordable. It is a highly fire-resistant stone that can absorb heat without cracking. Limestone hearths do not damage easily from falling embers or ash, making them a good choice for your stove.

Hearths made of limestone are highly resilient and do not dent easily. They are also resilient to scratches and the impact of regular exposure to heat. These hearths are very durable and can last for decades. You can safely invest in these fantastic hearths with complete confidence.

Limestone can be easily carved into any shape. Hearth plates made of limestone can be customised to fit your fireplace perfectly (maximum dimensions 1150mm x 1000mm). Limestone hearths are also very pleasing to the eye and come in both traditional and contemporary shades of cream and blue-grey.


Slate is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock that serves as an excellent material for hearths. Slate has a unique, uneven texture and riven and smooth slate is order in bespoke sizes up to 1150mm x 1000mm. Irrespective of your existing decor, a slate hearth is guaranteed to increase its aesthetic appeal.

Slate hearths have excellent fire resistance and are extremely tough.


Granite is also a good choice when you want a premium hearth with all its practical benefits. Granite can withstand high heat and is perfectly compatible with gas, electricity or solid fuel stoves such as coal or wood.

For a more rustic look, choose a granite hearth with its natural matte colour with a smooth finish or opt for a polished surface for a trendier look.

Granite is also a very tough and durable stone and impervious to the effects of high heat. Once installed, your granite hearths will require almost no repair through the years.


Sandstone is a non-combustible natural stone that is a top choice for hearths. It is a thick and dense stone with a great capacity for thermal absorption and retention. It is not easily damaged by flying sparks or glowing embers.

Sandstone hearths are vailable in muted beige or grey.

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Benefits of Concrete Hearths for Stoves

Posted on the 20th December 2018

Concrete Hearths for Stoves

When it comes to choosing a hearth plate for standalone stoves, concrete is often the first choice and not without reason. Concrete is a composite material that is versatile enough to have a wide range of applications in construction. Add to that the several unique features and you have a material that is just perfect for the hearth plate of your fireplace.


Concrete can be moulded in various shapes and sizes including the Teardrop, Square and Clipped Corner Square and are made to order. Concrete hearths not only complement your standalone stoves perfectly but are astonishingly affordable.

Furthermore, concrete hearths add a touch of raw strength and beauty to your room and look extremely trendy when paired with the right decor.

Unparalleled Longevity, Strength and Durability

Concrete is one of the strongest and most durable materials available for various purposes including hearth plates. Few other materials last as long as concrete hearths do. Concrete hearths are a great long-term investment meaning you can enjoy them for generations as the material is extremely durable, can withstand extreme heat without cracking. In fact, concrete becomes stronger over the years however concrete can chip due to being made up of lots 1000’s of particles.

Total Safety

Concrete can not only absorb high heat but it is non-combustible too. This means objects adjacent to your fireplace will never be affected due to transmission of heat.

Being an inert composite material, concrete once set, has zero emissions. With concrete hearths in your rooms, you will not be exposed to any toxic vapours or emissions from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from this product.

Easy to Maintain

Concrete is a material that does not rot, rust or burn. It is resistant to moisture and does not encourage the growth of bacteria or mould. Maintaining a concrete hearth is therefore very easy and just perfect for busy families.

Quick Installation

Another huge benefit of concrete hearths is quick and fuss-free installation. Whether your stove occupies the pride of place right in the centre of the wall or a tidy corner, we have a design for you.

Concrete hearths are made to order. Once it arrives, all you need to do is unpack your bespoke concrete hearth and place it beneath the stove. It’s that simple!

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Benefits of Slate Hearths For Stoves

Posted on the 4th December 2018

Smooth Slate Teardrop Hearths for StovesBefore central heating systems made their way into our homes, people depended on fireplaces to keep their interiors warm during winter. These days, the modern heating system has made the fireplace redundant. However, fireplaces can add a lot of charm and character to your space. This is all the more true of trendy standalone stoves with their outstanding looks and modern design. Paired with the perfectly styled hearth plate, your fireplace can become the focal point of your room.

With the winter setting in, this is the right time to install a fireplace to recreate the elegance of old-world ambience. A fireplace with the right hearth will make your winter evenings extra special, cosy and extremely relaxing.

When it comes to choosing the right floor plate for your fireplace, slate hearths are an excellent option. Let’s take a look at the various advantages it offers.

Slate Hearths Have Stylish Looks

Slate is a fine-grained rock that can be cut and shaped into smooth and stylish pieces. It is available in shades of grey from dark to pale, which creates an aura of subdued sophistication in any space. However, slate can also be cyan, bluish, purple or even green in colour. The variations in colour offer you complete flexibility when using slate hearths for your fireplace.

Irrespective of your decor, you are sure a find a shade of slate that will be fit in perfectly with your interiors.

Excellent Performance

Slate hearths not only look stunningly beautiful but are high in performance too. Slate is totally fire proof and extremely energy efficient. It has great thermal stability, which means the heat does not transfer easily to the exterior of your fireplace.

Slate hearths are compatible with electricity, gas or solid fuels like coal or wood. What’s more, these hearths are extremely durable and resistant to staining. Slate is also inert to chemicals and does not encourage the growth of bacteria or fungus.

Easy to Install

Slate hearth plates are very easy to install. Simply choose the style and shape of your slate hearth from our collection and place your order. We will deliver your chosen hearth plate to your home or place of business in no time. Simply remove the slate hearth from the packing and place it on the floor and you’re done.

Low on Maintenance

Maintaining your slate hearth is easy and totally fuss-free. Since slate is fire proof, chemically inert and resistant to staining and bacterial growth, it does not require elaborate scrubbing or cleaning. Regular dusting is enough to keep your slate hearth plates bright and shining through the years.

Bespoke Fireplace

Slate can be cut and crafted in different dimensions to suit various spaces. At Wharfe Valley Hearths, slate hearths are available in standard sizes that comply with the building regulations. Our slate hearths offer complete safety as they’re sure to catch any glowing embers and flying ash before they damage your floor.

And with different colour options, you can enjoy your unique bespoke fireplace with slate hearths that are available in different designs like semicircle, square or teardrop.

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Need Help Choosing The Right Hearth for Your Stove?

Posted on the 23rd November 2018

Need Help Choosing The Right Hearth for Your Stove

The primary factor to consider when buying a hearth is the kind of material it is made of. Stove hearths are made of highly fire-resistant materials as they need to catch flying embers, ash and sparks, and prevent them from causing any fire accident.

Hearth plates are available in wide variety of attractive and durable materials. Let’s take a look at some wonderful options.

Sandstone Hearths

Sandstone is one of the earliest known materials to be used for stove hearths. Sandstone is non-combustible and it’s natural density makes sandstone more fire resistant as flames find it difficult to wade through it.

These sandstone hearths boast a timeless appeal. They are highly tough and durable and easy to clean and maintain too. These hearths retain their colour for a long time.

Limestone Hearths

If you are looking for an inexpensive hearth plate, limestone hearths fit the bill. Limestone hearths are highly resistant to daily wear and tear. These hearths are a great option if you are looking for lighter shades.

Concrete Hearths

Concrete hearths are timeless in their appeal and go with any kind of décor. Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary look, concrete hearths can deliver the desired effect.

Given its natural composition, concrete is a highly non-combustible material. Moreover, concrete spreads heat slowly, which serves as an extreme protection against fires.

Granite Hearths

Granite is a popular material used for its unmatched beauty, durability and versatility. Granite hearths are great for gas, electric as well as stoves with solid fuel. These hearths are less expensive than soapstone and marble and are available in different patterns and colours.

Slate Hearths

If you are looking for darker shades, get a slate hearth. These hearths are extremely durable, usually lasting for years. But, slate hearths need to be used only with electric and gas stoves, and not with solid-fuel stoves, for they crack under the pressure.

Glass Hearths

If you want to show off your floor without covering it with a hearth, glass hearths are the ultimate choice. They are timeless in looks, and extremely tough and durable.

Hearth Size

The hearth size is also an important consideration. The Building Regulations Act specifies the dimensions needed for the hearth so that it protects occupants from fire hazards.

If you are thinking of hearths, think of Wharfe Valley Hearths. We have a range of hearths in slate, granite, sandstone, limestone, granite, concrete and glass, in different shades and shapes. Whether you want to position your stove in a corner or edge, we have a shape to suit your priorities. We also cut hearths to your specifications.

Call us at 01937 859243 for more information.

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Wood Burning Stove Safety Tips

Posted on the 18th September 2018

When used within safety limits, wood burning stoves are great to have, in any home. They keep you warm and cosy during the cold, harsh, winters. With modern stylish wood stoves, you can also enhance the décor of your home.

With the right safety precautions in place, you can enjoy this amazing appliance for a long time.

Keep Combustible Materials Away

Ensure that the carpet or other combustible materials such as rugs are away from the stove – even small embers can cause fires.

Choose your flooring covers carefully. Floors made of brick or linoleum are ideally suited for the purpose.

Adjust Air Vents Appropriately

The air vents on a stove allow you to adjust the oxygen levels so that you can fire the fuel per your requirements. However, an overdose of oxygen can burn up all the fuel and overheat your stove.

It is crucial to keep the air vents at lower levels during the nights. Remember to adjust them when you are planning to take a long vacation. Leaving them at a higher level can result in fire accidents.

Use Safe Fuel and Lighting Sources

Avoid using lighter fluids to start a fire in the stove. This could result in an explosion. Avoid using charcoal too. Charcoal emits carbon-monoxide, which when inhaled steadily, can even lead to death.

Use split, well-seasoned hardwood instead of green or damp wood. This ensures better fuel efficiency. Green or damp wood, on the other hand, produces heavy smoke and odour. Creosote is another toxic by-product that’s released when you burn wood. Left uncleaned, it can pile up in the stove’s chimney resulting in fire mishaps. It can even damage your stove.

Install a Hearth

A hearth is a non-combustible platform on which the wood burning stove sits. In addition to being a safety mechanism, a hearth is also a legal requirement per the Building Regulations. The dimensions of a stove hearth should be such that it prevents fire accidents that could be caused by embers falling on nearby materials.

For the best hearths, look no further than Wharfe Valley Hearths. All our hearths meet the safety regulations. They are made of premium-grade materials including granite, glass, slate and stone. We specialise in bespoke hearths – discover hearths customised to your choice of colour, shape and size.

Schedule Professional Safety Checks Regularly

Have a professional to check your stove and chimney at least every year. An annual inspection ensures that any issues can be identified early, preventing risks of fire mishaps. The inspector can also certify if your stove is in proper working condition.

With these safety precautions in place, you can enjoy the warmth of your stove with your loved ones without worry and fear!