Request for Bespoke Hearth Quotation

  • Made-to-measure hearth quotations will be provided within 5 days
  • The maximum bespoke size available to order is  1150mm x 1000mm  for pallet delivery.  Stock items are those shapes and sizes shown on this site
  • Bespoke items will arrive on a pallet (please see delivery terms)
  • A simple drawing and measurements are required (in metric)
  • Quotations are valid for up to 40 days
  • Clear and painted glass options are normally 12mm thick (please specify if you require 15mm or 19mm).
  • Smoked glass is NOT available in custom sizes 
  • Concrete hearths: 50mm thick in these sizes only, from the end of March 2019: Teardrop 1000mm, Square 900mm, Rectangle 950mmx800mm and Clipped Corner Square 900mm
  • Sandstone hearths: 30mm and 50mm thicknesses
  • Slate: 20mm thickness only
  • Granite: 20mm and 30mm thicknesses
  • ALL stone hearths are sold unsealed
  • Bespoke hearths are usually dispatched within 21 working days and are non returnable or refundable. 
  • Please note that painted coloured glass hearths must be lifted into place and sited with the coated side to a clean floor, free of debris. They should not be placed where there is underfloor heating as this will damage the coating
  • Painted hearths can be easily damaged if placed paint-side-up
  • The surface beneath the hearth should be chemically neutral and free from active chemicals such as acid or similar, which may damage coloured/painted hearths
  • Please ensure hands are clean when handling hearths to avoid staining

Note re fitting – Riven Slate
As a result of slate being split rather than cut to achieve the riven finish, the thickness level may not be consistent throughout. When siting on a wooden floor for example, we recommend the use of flexible tile adhesive.

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