White Stone Teardrop Hearth

Hearth plates form the base of standalone stoves. Apart from looking spectacular, hearths serve a crucial safety purpose. They catch embers, ash and other by-products from your fireplace or stove, preventing them from causing any damage and thwarting possible fire hazards. The use of a hearth is a legal requirement too, under the Building Regulations Act.

If you are looking to buy a hearth, why not try a limestone hearth? It boasts numerous benefits.

Highly Fire-Resistant

Limestone hearths exhibit a high degree of fire and heat resistance. They are not easily damaged by falling embers and ash from the fireplace or burning stove. Hearths made of limestone are, therefore, a safer choice.

Extremely Strong and Durable Product

Limestone hearths pack in all the fantastic benefits of the natural stone. These hearths are resistant to dents, scratches or other such damages. Limestone hearths are also super tough, meaning they can handle the stress of your stove excellently.

Once you install a limestone hearth, you can safely use it for several years.

Highly Flexible Material

Limestone hearths can be cut to any shape and size, thanks to the flexibility of the natural rock. These hearths can be shaped into any form too.

As per the Building Regulations Act, a hearth must meet minimum size requirements to ensure complete safety.

Given their flexibility, limestone floor plates can be cut to desired dimensions and shapes. This means that you can choose from a wide variety of shapes with limestone hearths.

Highly Aesthetic

Hearths made of limestone are pleasing to the eye. They are compatible with any type of décor. Whether you want a natural tone or a contemporary hue, you can have these stove hearths that match your needs exactly.

Highly Affordable

Limestone is an easily available rock. As a result, hearths made of limestone are affordable.

At Wharfe Valley Hearths, we offer a beautiful collection of limestone hearths! We offer a variety of shapes including teardrop and semicircle in a wide range of attractive colours. Our cream stone is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a natural and light tone for your space!

Our hearths are made of premium grade limestone, are extremely good looking and highly durable. We can also create and deliver custom-designed limestone hearths.