Sandstone Hearths

Hearths are there for a purpose – they surround the stove to prevent fire hazards from falling embers. When you install a stove, it becomes the focal point of the space. Therefore, the hearth you use should be equally fascinating.

It is, therefore, important to ensure that they are made of materials that offer excellent fire safety. It is equally important that they look attractive. Why not choose sandstone hearths then?

Need more reasons? Here’s a look at the benefits of installing sandstone hearth plates.

Extremely Fire Resistant

Sandstone is a non-combustible natural product. It is also denser, which means fire takes more time to penetrate through this natural stone. These properties make sandstone a preferable material for building hearths.

Sandstone hearths capture glowing embers, sparks and ash with great efficiency. They are great at protecting you from possible fire accidents and hazards.

Fine Thermal Insulation

Sandstone exhibits excellent thermal insulation properties. They retain heat longer, which can be a great advantage during colder months when biting cold demands all the warmth you can get!

Attractive Colours

Sandstone is basically grains of rock and sand-sized mineral particulates. Quartz and clay are the main ingredients of this rock. It looks like sand and is available in a variety of colours including beige, golden and grey.

Whether you are looking for a brighter finish or a lighter shade, sandstone hearths are available in a riot of colours to suit your aesthetic taste and interior décor!

For example, a grey hearth can be a great addition to a room with a light-coloured flooring and walls. It can also bring in a rustic effect with other elements rightly complemented!


Sandstone hearths can be cut and customised to any shape.

At Wharfe Valley Hearths, we offer sandstone hearths in an array of attractive shapes including teardrop, large and small semicircle, truncated, quadrant and square. This means that you’ll have a hearth that fits in anywhere in your space, be it a corner or an edge!

Easy Maintenance

Sandstone hearths are easy to maintain. Vacuuming can remove loose dust and dirt particles. For cleaning stubborn stains such as soot, dry clean the area with a vacuum or dry cloth first.

Then, use a specialised hearth cleaner on the entire stained area. After 5 to 10 minutes, use a damp cloth on the area, gently pressing on and lifting the cloth so that the stain sticks to the cloth. Repeat till entire stain is removed.

You can choose to seal the hearth to prevent staining.

Buy the Best Sandstone Hearths at Wharfe Valley Hearths

Explore a range of sandstone hearths at Wharfe Valley Hearths’ online store. Our hearths are made of premium grade sandstone, so you get an extremely durable and beautiful product. We can create customised hearths, cut to the size and shape specified by you. We also have a range of attractive colours.