A Perfect Time for a New Hearth and New StoveSo, summer is almost here, we are all thinking of warmer days ahead and winter is so far away ….

This makes it the perfect time to be thinking about installing a new stove and hearth from Wharfe Valley…. Why?

Choice of Hearths

Choosing to install your stove and hearth during the summer months often means you have greater choice of dates as traditionally, we begin thinking about a new fire when our homes become chillier with the onset of Autumn and installers are much busier then. It can be frustrating when you need your new stove yesterday!


Allow plenty of time to choose your hearth! It should be one of the first things on your list after picking the perfect stove for your home. The two need each other and your hearth needs to be with you prior to your installation date to avoid any delay.

Wharfe Valley Hearths offer so much choice of hearths for stoves, you may need to have a good look, ensuring the hearth meets your stove requirements and then, book your installer!


Drier weather means that doors and windows can be opened, maintaining good ventilation during the stove and hearth installation whilst reducing the amount of dust and mess in your home and less dirt being brought inside.

Perhaps most importantly, your new fire will be ready to use as soon as the days become cooler; you will be warm and cosy whilst those who haven’t been so forward-thinking will look on with envy!