Let 2020 be the year you choose your new hearth. Here we have put together an overview to help you make the correct choice of hearth for your home. Let’s break it down a little…. 

Glass Hearths

Glass continues to be a very popular option; it is both sleek and modern in design whilst exceptionally straightforward to keep clean. A simple sweep of ash spills and a quick glass polish affords your beautiful flooring a fantastic opportunity to retain its charm and a seamless view; no interruptions other than your roaring stove and stunning wood or tiles. Glass hearths are suitable for all stoves, be it a wood, multi-fuel or gas operated system. We have many shapes and sizes held in stock.

Stone Hearths

A natural stone hearth will be a beautiful addition to your home, giving years of satisfaction when snuggled up in front of your warming fire! 

Concrete Hearths

Concrete offers a natural, minimalist urban vibe; with its chunky design, your stove will stand out from the crowd, elevating it to a new level in contemporary design! It is hard wearing and great for creating a focal point in your home, be it a living room or kitchen area. 

Concrete hearths are made to order, so you know it has been made especially for you! Being made of multiple stone particles, your concrete hearth can be left as natural as it comes or polished to remove any little holes that naturally occur in the production process, naturally matte grey or polished for a slightly glossy finish. Either way, no two are identical!

Granite Hearths

Granite hearths, whether polished or honed (matte) are immensely popular for all stoves. Granite is suited to all homes, being sturdy and sleek at the same time. Their versatility means they are suited to traditional and modern themes, depending upon your own home and décor preferences. 

A shiny polished granite can give a glamorous finish with its smooth shiny surface, whilst a matte finish affords an understated feel, both strong and durable for long term use.

Sandstone Hearths

Sandstone and Limestone hearths are another superb option, paler in colour than granite, their muted shades sliding effortlessly into your home with little fuss but nevertheless stunning appeal, setting your stove off to its perfect advantage. These are a little thicker than granite, ensuring the stone retains its natural looking status; strong but subtle and perfect for your home.

Bespoke Hearths

Bespoke hearths, made to order to suit your individual stove requirements offer an alternative when something else doesn’t quite fit the bill. All we need is a sketch detailing the measurements, material and thickness required, and we will do the rest. Sizes are restricted for delivery to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. If you have a particular colour scheme in mind and want to match your hearth to it or blend perfectly, we can create beautiful coloured glass hearths in most shades of the rainbow! Just provide the RAL colour code. Allow plenty of time for custom hearths as they are made just for you and are simply a one-off!

You may notice a theme running through our hearth offering; they are designed to keep things simple! You just choose one that suits your needs the best and we will do the rest, there is sure to be one you will love!

We offer our selection of hearths to make your life easier, for catching ash spills and protecting your expensive flooring, whilst offering fast delivery to help your installation run to plan. Don’t delay; order today!